Wood mosaic pixel magic from Cubika is a wonderful gift for a child - both a girl and a boy. Each game will be fascinating, interesting and incredibly useful for all-round development. Kids will learn to concentrate, be assiduous, think logically and be attentive. The set contains instructions, detailed diagrams for work and surprise pictures, the images of which can only be seen when all the cubes take their places. 


Features of the mosaic Wooden pixel magic from Cubika: 

  • 250 multi-colored wooden cubes;
  • Color matching table;
  • 7 picture schemes: unicorn, butterfly, princess, kitten, flower and 2 surprise pictures;
  • Each color of the cube corresponds to a certain number from 1 to 17;
  • Pictures on black and white diagrams are a surprise, they can be seen only after completing the work to the end;
  • Size of 1 cube - 1x1cm; 
  • Toy material - natural wood (beech / sycamore); 
  • Safe water-based paints.
  • Ages 4 years plus


The set consists of 250 pcs. of small wooden cubes, 1 wooden frame and 1 cardboard colored frame.

Wooden mosaic pixels - Magic