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This beautiful large stacking rainbow has 7 pieces each made from a different exotic wood. Each of the 7 arcs is labelled with the type of exotic wood used and all are made from natural sustainably sourced wood.


Stimulate your child’s sense of challenge and develop their hands-on skills while promoting creativity, resilience, and persistence with our all-natural wooden stacking rainbow.


With this toy your child will learn the notions "bigger" and "smaller", find out how balancing works and develop motor skills.


Each piece is made from a different type of exotic wood, so they vary in colour, weight, texture, smell and size making them more challenging to stack and creating an amazing sensory experience.


Discoveroo toys are made to adhere to the highest quality standards. They are made with plantation woods and are painted with food grade paints and a water lacquer. You can be assured that when buying Discoveroo you are buying the best quality for your child while also looking after the environment.


Exotic wood - Large Stacking Rainbow

    • Suitable for ages 2 years plus
    • Width 4.5cm x Length 23.3cm x Height 11.2cm
    • Designed in Australia
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