This beautiful large stacking rainbow has 7 pieces each made from a different exotic wood. Each of the 7 arcs is labelled with the type of exotic wood used and all are made from natural sustainably sourced wood.


Stimulate your child’s sense of challenge and develop their hands-on skills while promoting creativity, resilience, and persistence with our all-natural wooden stacking rainbow.


With this toy your child will learn the notions "bigger" and "smaller", find out how balancing works and develop motor skills.


Each piece is made from a different type of exotic wood, so they vary in colour, weight, texture, smell and size making them more challenging to stack and creating an amazing sensory experience..


  • Suitable for ages 18 months plus
  • Width 4.5cm x Length 23.3cm x Height 11.2cm
  • Designed in Australia

Exotic wood - Large Stacking Rainbow

  • Suitable for 3 years plus.